Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Aeonium!

Aeoniums are a wonderful succulent in the Crassulaceae family. Most of them come from the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean. Most are moderately drought tolerant, mildly frost tolerant (some more than others), but only moderately heat tolerant as well, and dependent on bright light to full sun.

Sorry but I don't know the name of the one in my big blue pot. It is a very common aeonium to find though. I put this large pot in a planter in the corner of my front yard a few years ago. I planted this aeonium in it when it was just a baby. It soon took off and created what you see today.

During the summer I water it (or should I say them) about once or twice a week (depending on the temperature). And in the winter I don't water it at all. It gets enough with the rains. The cool thing about this one is that in the winter it turns kinds of red/green. And in the summer it gets greener. I also notice that when they don't get enough water the flowers (as I call them) close up a bit. So they kind of tell me when to water, along with losing some of there lower leaves.

This aeonium shot was taken last year in a planter in my backyard against the fence. It is surrounded by echeveria, fire stick, sedum blue spruce, a type of kalanchoe and an agave. Yes that is a conch shell in there too. I have been trying to develop an ocean scene in this planter. It is still in the works.

This is Aeonium Arboreum

Aeonium 'Sunburst' - Copper Pinwheel with Senecio (Kleinia) mandraliscae Blue Chalk Fingers

This is one of my favorites but very hard to find Aeonium tabulaeforme.

I could post tons of different pictures of these guys but for now I will leave you with these. There are many different kinds of these wonderful succulents. Some easier to grow than others. When people come to my house and admire the (red flowers) in the blue pot, I explain that they are succulents. Most of them go home with a stalk and grow there own. I love sharing!


Julie said...

Your aeoniums are gorgeous!!! They must be so wonderful to grow out there in California. I am jealous!!! :)

Hey, I still remember the day I discovered succulents...around 25 years old and a friends Mom had a huge hanging pot of kalanchoe and she gave me a peice, and from then on I was hooked!!! Sharing is the best!!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you very much and you are right I am very fortunate. I was out last night after 9 watering. It was so nice.

I got into succulents about 10 years ago. Maybe less, believe it or not. I kept planting things in my yard and they would crumble with the heat so I finally thought. Why not cactus. So then it just happened! I love it!

Evelyn said...

Aeoeniums are beautiful and yours are definitely gorgeous - so healthy! I am enjoying yr pics very much.

Lydia Joy said...

So I need some advice, I have one of these lovely succulent plants, that looks like a 'hens and chicks' plant. I've kept it in a pot all summer, and it's been great. But in the last month or so, the leaves have started to curl the opposite direction. It normally looked kind of like a rose blossom, but now instead of up, the leaves are going down (hope that makes sense). It is also seeming to grow up out of the soil on a mound of itself. There are some brown crispy leaves at the base of the mound.
I'm so confused! Did I do something wrong, or is it just the way the plant develops?
Hope you don't mind helping = )

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Hi Lydia!
I will definitely try to help. It may be hard without a photo though. A lot of times as an echeveria (this is what the plant sounds like) gets older the stalk on which it is growing can get longer. The brown leaves underneath are the old dead underneath leaves of the plant. Now the curling of the leaves I am not sure of until I see it. Maybe it is not getting enough water. Do you water the plant until water comes out the bottom. Then you wait until the soil is completely dry before you do it again. If you give it too much water it will get mooshy and probably die or get bugs like mealy bugs. They like wet mooshy plants. If you post a shot of your plant on your blog and let me know I will look at it. Then I can let you know. Or email a pic of it to and I can try to see if I can tell. I hope this helps and that I hear from you soon.