Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bunco at my house!

Last night was my turn to have Bunco at my house. I always try to have it in the summer so that everyone can enjoy my succulent garden. They always get a kick out of them and are so amazed.

The game of bunco is always played the same but some groups play for money and some for prizes. Our group plays for prizes. I have been with this group since about 1995 and it had been going strong for a long time before that. Since there are 12 of us we each get a month a year to host bunco at our house. We always pick a theme and buy the 5 gifts based on that theme. Everyone that comes buys a $10.00 or less gift and puts it in the bunco bag. Everyone that does not win one of the 5 main prizes get to put there score card in a bowl and then we draw for the bunco bag. This is most coveted because whoever wins get 12 gift. Sometimes people just put money in (but that is good too). Here is a picture of Laurie who won the bag last night.
The theme was Southwestern and so a lot of the gifts like this plate cover were in great southwestern colors. We had taco salad and watermelon salad for dinner. Desert was a beautiful fruit tart. There is always much laughter and we all enjoy seeing each other and catching up! Of course I had to add a little pot of succulents to the bunco bag! Who would have thought!!!! LOL


Julie said...

OMG! How fun! I had read about Bunco years ago, and thought it would be so fun...but never got started with it. It would be awesome to keep the group going as long as you guys have! Wow!!! I love how you work the prizes too! I know everyone enjoyed your succulent garden!!!!

Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thanks Julie, it was really fun and I bet we would love to have you in our group. It's really hard to get in though, you have to sub until someone quits or moves away. Thanks for your great comments!

Julie said...

Hey Candy! I would LOVE to be in your Bunco group! I would love to live in California too! LOLOL! Love, love, love!!!

To answer your question, I have a Google Alert set up, and I get all alerts when anyone posts regarding "succulents" on blogs! I read any that sound interesting...that was how I found you!!! My bloglist is all handpicked people that I found that way, unless they happened to have found me first. Many folks who are general gardeners find me, but I have focused in on only succulent lovers (mainly). I still have a huge bloglist that I follow religiously...reading nearly every post (and commenting)each person does. I do this because I truely enjoy each person in my list and what they have to say. It took me a while to figure this out. The followers come naturally over time. You will see. Have patience though...I remember thinking no one would ever find me, and now I have almost 100 followers! I am in shock over it!!!

Good luck and just have fun!!!