Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bee Careful!

Coming in for a landing!

My largest opuntia's against my back fence have been blooming for weeks now. The blooms are big, yellow and the bees love them. This year besides the normal honey bees we have a ton of these really large black bees. I don't see a stinger on them and they don't seem aggressive. Maybe they bite if scared. I decided that it was time to go out and get up close and personal with the bees and get some shots. Here is a shot with one of the big black bees:

It's a big one isn't it.

My best friend Lorna and I went outside in my backyard so I could take some shots and she could enjoy the cactus flowers. I climbed up on the cement tiered planter that holds some of my succulents. And then I leaned in with my camera set to macro. Straight into the land of flowers and bees. The next thing I know I look to my right and Lorna is jumping around like a crazy person. Her arms were flay ling around and swatting at things nobody could see but her. I couldn't help it but I started to laugh and almost fell into my giant cactus (which would have sent me to the hospital). When I could catch my breath I told her to stop and that she would more than likely hit a bee and it would for sure sting her. She gladly went inside. I finally calmed myself down from all the excitement and finished my photo shoot. Enjoy!

Last but not least!


Julie said...

OH, I just love yellow opuntia blooms! That top bee shot is fantastic! I love to sit and wait for my next bug subject to come along! I'm glad you did not fall onto that cactus! Oh, that would have been painful!!!
Have a fun Thursday!

Julie said...

P.S. Would you like to join us for Cactus Monday??? It is a group of bloggers that post paintings, drawings, photography of anything cactus related. If you go to Teri's Painted Daisies in my sidebar...each Monday morning she puts up a Mr. Linky and you put in your name and web address and then everyone will know to come visit you and see your artwork, and you can see theirs. It is fun. You don't have to do it each week (God knows I have fallen off the wagon a few times)...but I would love for you to join us!
xoxo- Julie

Teri C said...

I am seconding Julie's invitation for Cactus Monday.
Love these blooms with the added interest of the bee.

Cindy said...

Hi. I found you through Julie's blog. Just wanted to tell you that's a female carpenter bee. The males are tan colored. They are generally less agressive than honeybees, but they do sting if you actually try to pick one up, as I learned the hard way.

Here in SoCal, the opuntia is also in bloom, and the insects visiting the flowers are in turn feeding a bunch of spiders that make their webs among the cactus pads. How about yours? said...

Stunning group of cacti you have in your backyard! Wow, love'em! Cute shots of the bees, was that first one impaled on a cactus thorn?? eek :)


Candy "Sweetstuff" said...

Thank you Julie for all your visits! And yes I would love to join Cactus Monday. Now I need to remember. Sounds fun though! I have tried to add the Cactus Monday picture on my blog but have been unsuccessful! On the flickr web site Teri said to cut and paste but that does not work. Any ideas!

Thank you so much Teri! I would love to join! I still don't get how to add the Cactus Monday logo. Do I need HTML and add it in a gadget site?

Cindy, thank you so much for visiting. I hope that I hear from you again. I will see if you have a blog and visit. Yes spiders to like to make their webs on the cactus pads. They must walk around the thorns very carefully. And thanks for the name of the bees. We have a lot of them.

Thanks for visiting Catherine. No the bee did not get impaled. But I have seen many bees that have. Ladybug and beetles too. Yuk!

Julie said...

Hi Candy! Copy and paste the link to the cactus monday picture, and then go in under "gadgets" and add a PICTURE. When you open that up, there will be a place above it that you can put the link into that will allow others to go to Teris page when they click on the pic. Hope that helps!!! Glad you will join us! I will get a Cactus Monday pic ready for sure this MOnday for ya! :)