Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! It's freezing here!

My Poor Succulents are freezing! OH NO!

It's the dead of winter and that is what's happening! Well, I guess I am exaggerating a bit but the poor succulents at Candy's house are not doing very well! My firestick plants are really taking a hit even though I have them under sheets in the backyard. It is really freezing hard more than usual. Even my large Optunia's in the backyard are having problems. Some larger branches are so heavy with moisture and cold they are breaking off and falling. I have a huge one that fell on some of my mammi's so I need to somehow lift it off and hope there is no damage to them. Here is a pic of some of the lucky one?! These are in my garage. Even there it is getting so cold they are taking a bit of a hit!

We had a fantastic holiday season at Mammoth ski resort with Stan's family and I tried to take some pictures with my new camera! Still in the learning stage. But this one turned out really good. It is looking out the back window of our condo! We stay at The Village at Mammoth. It is a beautiful place. You would never have to leave this area because of the gondola, lots of shops and of course the great bar down right smack in the middle called the Laka nuki! Lot's of fun happens there. It is really it's own little village. You can eat, get entertained and even grocery shop (though not for everything and it is expensive) right in the village.

Hope all is well with you and yours and look forward to more postings in the new year.

Go 2009!