Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My first post and my new journey!

This is my first blog and my 1st post. Pretty exciting. I'm sure I'll get better as I go along.

Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Candice Suter. I turned 50 in 2008. Not really too bad, no really. I don't feel any different than when I turned 40. I am married to a wonderful man, Stan. We had our 25th wedding anniversary in 2008. So obviously 2008 was a really great year. We live in Roseville, CA. We have lived in our 2 story house for about 14 years now. And it wasn't until we painted the inside 5 different colors with a texmex theme and I started cultivating succulents that I loved my house. It is awesome. People at first thought we were crazy until they saw it.

I absolutely love succulents. They are now my passion. I have not counted recently but at last count I had about 200 different varieties. And some of them I have more than one. I can't get enough. I just love the prickly and non prickly. Everyday I learn something new about them. Right now I am posting pictures of them on Flickr under Sweetstuff Designs. I love the comments that I get and meeting other succulent lovers from around the world. These contacts help in naming them also. This is a project that I have started because I would like every succulent to have a label. See above a sample of my backyard collection.