Saturday, September 17, 2016

Succulent Extravaganza 2016

Holy cow Candy is writing a blog post.  Where have I been and what have I been doing?  Well, lots of health problems and family issues have kept me away.  It's really tough to work in your garden when your back constantly hurts.  We have tried lots of different treatments and are still working on it.

But that is enough about me.  Let's talk about the 6th Annual Succulent Extravaganza being held at Succulent Gardens in Castroville, Ca on Friday September 23 and Saturday the 24th.

The theme this year is Succulents in Situ.  As you know succulents originate from all over the world.  There are very few continents where you will not find succulents of some type.  So I can't wait to see how Succulent Gardens is going to incorporate this theme in their landscaping.

Here is some information on the event:

I hope you can read all the important information.  Make sure you bring a refillable waterbottle.  They will have large containers of water where you can fill up your bottle.  You will need it.

This is a photo from last year.  I love this grouping of hybrid Echeveria's designed by Julia Bell.

Agave Blue Flame and Agave Blue glow.  I took this photo so you could see how pretty the Blue glow is when back lit.

This is a map for you.  You can go to this site at Succulent Gardens and download the information sheet and this map here.

Below are more photos from past events:

Laura Balaoro will be there with a table dedicated to the Succulent Fanatics on Facebook.  So all you Fanatics out there bring a potting or whatever you can think of with succulents in situ.  Curious to see what people come up with.  As for me.........I can't think of anything as of yet.

This is Agave Mr. Ripple taken a couple of years ago.  Wonder what it will look like today?

I think I took this photo in 2011.  I think that was the first Extravaganza.  Wish I had bought it.  Make sure you look around in the retail area.  They have so much neat stuff for you to take home.

This is a shot of just part of the Succulent Fanatics table.  Front and center is the beautiful display by my good friend Noreen Fenton.  I love how she re purposed this silver setting.

This is just a small section of the retail area.  The following two photos are a couple of vignettes set up for sale and beautiful interest!

Oh my check out that Donkey tail sedum.  What a beautiful specimen.

Wouldln't you love to sit here and read a book.  I love this Adirondack chair.  And the color just pops and duplicates some of the yellow in the variegated Pony tail palms sitting next to it.

Now that I have peaked your interest and I going to see you there?  I hope so.

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Time For The Succulent Celebration 2015

Next Wednesday I head out in my blue Subaru on my annual solo trip to Southern California.  I am so excited.  I'm on my way to the annual Succulent Celebration at Waterwise Botanicals in Escondido, CA.  It's on Friday June 5th and Saturday the 6th.  Speakers, vendors, food, workshops and let's not forget succulents!  Who could ask for a better couple of days!

This year I was asked to do a workshop in making succulent hats.  Now I didn't think of this idea originally.  That honor goes to Succulent Fanatic founder and Master Gardener Laura Balaoro.   But last year I made a succulent hat and someone liked it so much she bought it.  So the owners of Waterwise noticed and decided to ask me to have a workshop.  I am very honored!


If you click on the link above for Succulent Celebration you can sign up for the workshop.  We will have a blast!

I will be staying with my good friend Debra Lee Baldwin.  She has completely re done her back garden and I can't wait to see it.  She will be speaking both days of the Celebration and I will be the videographer.  You will get lots of education and go home with great ideas from the different speakers.  You don't want to miss one day.  But if you can't go don't worry I will give you a full report.


There will be lot's of vendors at the event.  This is a beautiful pot by Laura Eubanks of the Fat Plant Co.  Cindy Davison of the Succulent Perch will be there and also doing a workshop.  Plus many other great artists.


Tom Jesch owner of Waterwise obviously giving some sage and funny advice to Debra before her presentation.


Potting completed!  Maybe this year I will come home with more pots than plants since I have so many!  The Madd Potter has a booth with lot's of great pots!


So much to see and buy!  Make sure you search me out.  I will have a succulent hat on and pink hair in the back.


This gorgeous creation was done by Katie Christensen.


  So many plants to buy and incredible variety.  Make sure you stroll way back of the property to see things to purchase that may not be up front!  There will be helpful guys with wagons ready to take your heavy plants!  No need to strain yourself!

Oh and they will have AIR CONDITIONED BATHROOMS!  And plenty of free water to drink.   And this is so appreciated by all the folks!  Such thoughtful people at Waterwise!


Here is a beautiful visor creation by Succulent Fanatic Shirley Kost-Haskell!  Bring a visor if you want to the workshop as we can make this work!  With all creations their will be some drying time but by the time the day is over you should be able to get it home and wear.

Now this is a FREE event so I really hope I see you there!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day and Plant of the Week

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Maybe today go out and pick up some trash.  If we all did this you would be amazed at the difference.  It's also a great day to visit a garden and just stop and smell the roses!  Our Earth is so special let's take care of it!

I wanted to show you the great plant I got at GROW!  It's called Euphorbia stenoclada.  It comes from Madagascar.  It's also known as Stiver Thicket.  If grown outside in the right climate, 10a through 11 it get's really tall and thick.  It can grow like a tree.  It wants full sun so it looks like I will be moving it when transplanting.  But it won't like the cold so this may be an inside plant in the winter.  

Euphorbia stenoclada

Euphorbia stenoclada (2)

Isn't it cool!  Here is a closer shot of the pokey branches!

Hope your day was fantastic!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

I Got to Go to GROW

Now say that title 5 times fast.  LOL  Just messing with you.

I have another go to destination for you!  It's called GROW and it's located in Cambria, CA.
I have been waiting and waiting to visit this cool nursery.  I finally got my chance the beginning of this month while on vacation to the Morro Bay area.  I was giddy with excitement and was not disappointed in what I found.

GROW is tucked behind some cute little shops on the main street of Cambria, CA.  It has some really rare and unusual succulents, lots of Tillandsia and delicious hand made pots by well known potters in California.  They also had some cool mineral specimens and my much sought after slag glass. I use slag glass to decorate pots and my garden area.   Needless to say we brought two cars on our trip.  My ulterior motive being to bring home plants, pots and glass!  Moohahaha!

Let's take a look!


The entrance was chock full of goodies.  I haven't shown you yet but there was a lot of cool stuff before I saw this outside.


I found this Montrose San Pedro cereus outside.  Snapped that baby right up.  I grow them well and can't wait to see it monstrose.


This old truck surround by succulent beauty and pointing the way was in the courtyard outside the nursery.


All I could saw was WOW at this Tillandsia!


A great variety of rare Sanseveria and Hoya were inside.  These gorgeous pots are made by Esther Studios.  I would love to have one for my collection.  I had to pass though since I wanted a few rare plants.  Tucked inside these beautiful pots were wonderful plants of all kinds to give you an idea what filled pots would look like.


More great pots!  Mark Muradian on the top.  Mike Cone makes the ones on the bottom!


Another amazingly cool Tillandsia growing in a bunch.  Most of the plantlets were blooming!

Now it was time to walk outside and see more of everything!  So out the backdoor I walked..... into Wonderland!


Isn't this a sight to behold.  In my imagination the tractor stopped working and was abandoned.  Over the years the succulents just took it over and made it a work of art!


Even the side yard had cool stuff.  And whoever decorated is awesome!  Left side!


Right side.  Too hot for me to grow those pretty bromeliads outside in Roseville/Sacramento, CA.


Even this cool Abromeltiella brevifolia needs some shade as you can see.  This one must be very old and has enveloped the pot!


This will give you a good idea how big it was!


I love how the place was decorated.  Cool old signs, wagon wheels and this old car hood stood out.  But the succulents were the stars!


Isn't this metal piece of art cool?!  And against the corrugated steel it pops out.


Stan the man helping with photography!


More fantastic pottery outside.  A whole bunch by our own Keith Kitoi Taylor!  Click on the link to see some to buy!


Love those Firesticks, so red!  And look at the slag glass!  It was everywhere in lots of colors!


.This Agave Cornelius really caught my eye!  Love those teeth!  The imprint marks in the green from next leaf look really artsy!


Here are a few things I came home with!  So exciting!  Diana Moulds from Phoenix AZ makes these cool pots with tentacles!  I have always wanted one.


A variegated Hoya with heart shaped leaves!   EEEEEE!


And last but not least, my long sought after slag glass!

So I wish I had been able to meet one of the two Nick's that own GROW.  And if Jan had been there I would have been over the Moon.  But Brandon was very, very helpful and knowledgeable.  They actually have another location called Left Field.  It is located in San Luis Obispo.  But alas my travels did not take me there.  Maybe next time.

They are open from 10 to 5 every day.  So go pay a visit to GROW!  You will love it!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2015 part 1

A lot of things have been going on lately here at Sweetstuff's.  Things are coming out of hibernation and so am I.  Except I am awaiting another back and neck ablation.  Then in 4 weeks I will be roaring for digging and major planting!  Woohoo!

I just came back from vacation with our best friends to the San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay area.  I will be posting about that and my visits to GROW in Cambria and The Garden Gallery in Morro Bay.  What beautiful places.  So stay tuned.

But first let's look at the retail area at the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show this year.  A lot of the same vendors made their appearance which was good to see.  Must have been good business last year.  I saw lots of people carrying their load of goodies to be held in the Holding Area.  Great idea!  This year I went with my sister and we had lots of stuff being held!  LOL

Succulent Gardens and books

My first stop is always the huge Succulent Gardens booth!  As usual it was stock full of goodies and people were filling their cardboard boxes with plants!

Succulent Gardens 1

Look at all the healthy plants, just waiting to be bought!

Wegman's Nursery 1

Right behind the booth for Succulent Gardens was Wegman's Nursery.  I was intrigued by all the cool topiary they had.  So many shapes!  They had some great plants also.

Sticky Situation

The Sticky Situation cactus company was there.  They came from Arizona with some incredible plants.  I went home with a crazy looking Euphorbia.  I will show you that on a later post.

Orchic Fiori D'Amore

Orchid Fiori D'Amore was there with their amazing orchids.  I bought one last year that smells like chocolate..  It is blooming right now.  Now that I see the photo I should have gone inside and looked at the large snail shells in the back.  I bought three last year that hang on a metal hook.  Dang it!

Hang a Pot

I love these Hang a Pot thingy's!  You can hammer then in a fence and easy peasy hang your pot!

Fairy Gardens

At one end of the Fiesta Hall kids could go to a cool area and work on Fairy Gardens.  This is an example of one and it's in a booth of which I don't have the name sorry to say.  Lot's of cool fairy stuff.

Now there were many more booths.  Lot's of raised garden beds.  (Pretty expensive)  Aloe lotion for your body, garden tools and lot's of other things for your garden experience.  If I show'd you every one though you would be bored.


Type of puya

Check out this cool plant.  It's a puya.  Should have gotten one.

Mark Muradian pots

  Mark Muradian had a booth with his fabulous pots!  Every one wants one.  My sister and I went home with one.

Mark Muradian pots

Aren't these gorgeous!

Mark Murean pot

This is the pot I bought.  I put Graptoveria Fred Ives.  I think it is a good match.

Garden Design

Our friends from Garden Design were there.  So I had to stage this shot.  It's a great publication.  If you don't get it you might want to consider it.

Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra Lee Baldwin was there with a wonderful presentation each day!  Lot's of great speakers and demo's.  Not enough time in a day to shop and go to these extra events.  Ack!  LOL

Garden Art by Marissa Motto

This was cool Garden Art by Marissa Motto!  Very cute!

Glass Gardens NW

Right next door was this eye popping garden glass by Glass Gardens NW!  There were a few booths with garden glass but this was very cool.

Katy LaReau

But this booth and the brilliant designs by Katy LaReau had me entranced.  I had to buy a small flower.  Would have liked a bug but pretty expensive.


I will leave you with this shot I took of this gorgeous Bilbergia nutans flower.  I didn't think it was real until I got up close!

Until next time!

It's Another Beautiful Day!