Thursday, July 10, 2014

Succulent Celebration Was Fantastic

I know this is really late since it has been a month since the celebration but better late than never!  This 2nd annual event was held on June 6-7th of this year.  It was held at Waterwise Botanicals in Escondio, CA.  I made the trip down by myself in my new Subaru Forrester.  And I had a blast!

There were fantastic speakers to listen to and beautiful succulents to drool over.  Garden Design was there to share in the reinvention of their beautiful magazine.  Lots of vendors shared their fabulous creations be they organic or inorganic.  And there were even potting workshops!  It was a fun filled, jammed packed two days!

Waterwise Botanicals

View of a section of display garden and plants for sale!

Tradescantie palida purple heart

Let's look at a few photos of the display gardens and growing ground.  This purple patch of Tradescantie palida was so beautiful.

Mural at Waterwise Botanicals

This beautiful vertical succulent mural met you at the entrance.  It was huge!

Waterwise Botanicals map

I loved this map of the nursery!

Waterwise Botanicals garden

These Tiki were here last year.  They look so cool!  The aloe in the foreground is a variety called 'Little Gem'.  It is suppose to bloom all year and should do great in Sacramento.  I got 3 of them.  They make pups like crazy!

Pond and growing grounds

Isn't this beautiful!  This is "The Hill"!  There are two ponds.  Each one holds the biggest black cat fish I have ever seen.  Tom Jesch, owner of Waterwise always gives a talk at these ponds while he feeds them.  What a wonderful man he is with the greatest sense of humor.

Display Gardens

To the left is the huge tent for the speakers.  Don't you just love this pouring pot!

Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra Lee Baldwin presented both days.  During both she did potting demos.  I think this is my favorite.  She stuffed this beautiful Talavera pot from the Madd Potter full of colorful succulents that went so well with this pot.  Madd Potter was one of the vendors and I went home with a few Talavera pots from them!  Next time I am down South I am going to pay them a visit.

Created by Debra Lee Baldwin

Ta Da!  The finished product!  Man I sure wanted to sneak this home!

Created by Debra Lee Baldwin

This is another incredible arrangement put together by Debra.  This time it is in a hanging planter from Pot Incorporated!

Waterwise Botanicals

This is just a small section of plants you could snatch up.  It was great, there was always a wagon rolling around and would take your selections to a holding area.  That way you didn't have to fight over wagons or lug the heavy pots around.  Waterwise was so thoughtful!  And get this, they had air conditioned portable bathrooms.  Really awesome!

Fat Plant Co.

Laura Eubanks company Fat Plant Co., had a booth with great things for sale.  I love this rusty old potted tool box!

Fat Plant Co.

And these succulent earrings were fantastic.  They were snapped up pretty quick!

Succulent Perch

Cindy Davison of The Succulent Perch had a booth with stunning arrangements like the above!

Succulent Perch

A pot in a pot!  Sensational!  Cindy's arrangement are amazing.  Wait till you see the next one.

Succulent Perch

Isn't this fish planter whimsical!

Keith Kitoi Taylor shared a booth with his girlfriend Donna of Melted Bottle and her new company Succulent_Pottery.  They came with many incredible pots, wall pockets and cut bottles for sale.

Aren't these amazing!  She holds clay workshops too!  The next is this weekend the 12th and 13th of July!  You can contact her on Facebook.

Kelly Griffin at Succulent Celebration

Time for another presentation and Kelly Griffin did not fail to impress us with his immense knowledge.  You know all those really great little aloe hybrids you have been seeing lately?  Well he is responsible for most of them!

The presenters were fantastic.  Jeanne Meadows gave a great talk on how she transformed her garden.  She even had photos showing every step.  Robin Stockwell was also a super speaker as usual.  Poor man had a terrible cold but flew all the way down South to attend the event.  He is such a fine man.  And we also heard from Peter Loyola the owner of the Succulent Cafe in Oceanside, CA.  He brought an old door than he turned into a piece of succulent art work.  See photo below:

Succulent Cafe

Stunning isn't it!

Created by Candice Suter

I wore this hat on day one!  I changed it up a bit from the Sunset Celebration.

Created by Shirley Kost-Haskell

I wasn't the only one sporting succulents!  This creation is made and worn by Shirley Kost-Haskell.

Susan Morse creation

Susan Morse made some fantastic succulent artwork!

Created by Katie Christiansen

Katie Christensen works at Waterwise and has some fantastic ideas!

Created by Katie Christiansen

Katie planted this piece of driftwood. And don't you just love that slag glass!  A vendor was there selling lots of driftwood that had holes drilled into it.  I bought some and will plant and share soon.

Care for a dip

Let's go back to Waterwise and their great plants!  Don't you just love this planted bath tub!

Waterwise display garden

I wish, I wish!

Euphorbia snowflake

Check out the Euphorbia 'Snowflake'!  So many in one pot!

Sedum praeltum 'green apple snap'

This is Sedum praeltum 'Green Apple Snap'.  I brought a few of these home and hopefully they will do well planted in front of the house.  Making plans to dig the lawn out.  Very exciting.

Kalanchoe marmorata

I should have brought one of these Kalanchoe marmorata home with me!

Waterwise for sale

Ok so yes I was drooling about now!


So many varieties of  Bromeliad and so many colors!  It's way too hot to grow them here and the cold would get them also.

Succulent lovlies

Feast your eyes!  LOL


The Euphorbias were so big and full!

Waterwise Duck


For sale at Waterwise

The color on these Agave quadricolor were so intense.  I will be planting these in front of the house.  They are eye popping!  And they do well here in Roseville.

Succulent goodies

And yes there were little ones to purchase too!

Agave colorata

Agave colorata looking all gnarly and cool!

So there you go folks!  Hope you enjoyed the pics and hope to see you there next year!

Until later:

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Annie Haven's Moo Poo Tea

So I had been hearing a lot of buzz on Facebook about this Moo Poo tea stuff.  I thought it was pretty funny actually.  But how good was it?  I conducted my own experiment.  I added some of Annie Haven's soil conditioner my front bed of succulents.  Mainly Echeverias.  The results are astonishing!

This is the front bed of succulents before I applied the tea.   About a month ago.

Before Moo Poo tea

So it looks pretty good but I knew that all those Echeverias could be and should be way bigger.

Annie's all natural composted soil conditioner comes from her own naturally fed cows. They graze on natural grasses just like nature intended.  The manure is then dried in the sun and put into these very handy cotton 'tea bags'.  Hence the name Moo Poo tea.

Per Annie's website:

Watering plants with manure tea conditions the soil so plant roots can better absorb nutrients. It also provides valuable nutrients, minerals and beneficial microorganisms that supports growing strong and healthy plants.

Annie carries cow, horse and alfalfa tea.  The alfalfa is for roses so I order some horse and cow tea bags.  When they arrived there was virtually no smell to the bags.  I was really expecting it to smell more.  I then took a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water and added a bag of cow and horse tea.  I let this sit in the sun for 3 days.  Since I added two bags I diluted it with half water and just watered my succulents as usual.

Recent photo this month (June 2014)

This is what the bed looks like just a few days ago.  It's amazing.  I had to make a video of how pretty it was.

Isn't that incredible!

Huge succulents

So I would highly recommend this soil conditioner for your succulents, roses, vegetables or any plants that need to be supercharged.  You can order and get information at

So now I have to get busy and put it on all my other succulents.  In pots and planters.  All will benefit.

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Dasylirion Wheeleri is Blooming!

The other day I was outside watering my succulents when I looked over to see something strange coming out of my Dasylirion wheeleri.  Then I looked up!  How could I have missed this!?  It was a huge bloom stalk shooting towards the sky!  

Dasylirion wheeleri

This is what I saw while watering!

Dasylirion wheeleri

And then I looked up!  So I started jumping around like crazy.  I asked Stan if he had seen it and he said it started while I was down at the Succulent Celebration.  Oops!  Forgot to tell me.

Dasylirion wheeleri

I planted these succulents back in 2005.  So it has been growing and growing for quite a while now.  I have two of these.  This one has already produced offsets.  I can't remove them because the leaves are lethal and I have cut and scraped my arms up just removing weeds.

Dasylirion wheeleri

This is what it looks like at the base inside the plant.  From what I read the plant won't die it will just split.  I hope so because this would be hard to remove.

Dasylirion wheeleri again opuntia

The bloom stalk is pushing up again this opuntia.

Bloom stalk today

This what the bloom stalk looks like today!  The other photos were just a few days ago.  It's starting to look really interesting.

Close up of bloom stalk

Those little flower pods will unfold and open up.  Should be really cool!  I will keep you posted.

Have a great week and super weekend!

It's Another Beautiful Day!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunset Celebration Was Sensational

If you weren't in Menlo Park, CA at the Sunset Celebration on May 31st and June 1st you missed a wonderful event.   I love Sunset Magazine and was very excited to attend this fun filled event.  I watched the video on their web site from last year and was intrigued if it would be that fun.  It really was!  Now if you didn't go, wait till you see what you missed.  You will want to go next year!

The California Avocado Commission was there with the most scrumptious avocado mini cupcakes.  yes you heard me,  The cupcakes had avocado's in them.  Wish I had taken a photo but there were so many people in line and it was moving fast.  They had a berry one in the morning but the one I had was either lemon or lime.  Sooooo good and very moist.  You can get the recipe on their web site.

We had to park a few blocks away but there were shuttles that came around and picked you up every few minutes.  We didn't have to wait long.  Once we walked in the entrance we checked out the map we printed from the web site. The event was divided into two sections.  To our left was a lobby that lead to the main lawn and test kitchens.  On this side was the Cooking and Entertaining stage and the Garden and Outdoor Living stage.

Entrance to Sunset Celebration

This is the entrance to the Celebration!  Beautiful white tents beyond were everywhere and very inviting!

Main lawn

This was part of the main lawn area.  Lots of places to sit and relax with a beverage.  Booths with vendors all around.

Succulent Gardens booth

The Succulent Gardens booth was smack dab in the middle!  A little piece of heaven to my succulent lover eyes!

Living wall by SG

One side had this beautiful vertical succulent display!  Everyone was taking photos and really impressed!

Succulent Gardens

Now really impressive was the beautiful Dudleya covering the roof!

SG Booth

The Living Wall Panels were a big hit!

Succulent hat

I decorated this hat and wore it to the event.  It got a lot of attention.  So many people didn't think the plants were real!

Garden totems

These Garden Totems were really bright and colorful.  They were for sale and a couple were placed in the gardens surrounding the event.  These are by Leslie Codina, at this link.

Debra Lee Baldwin & Robin Stockwell

Before I knew it time had rolled around to hear my two favorite people talk about my favorite subject.  Succulents of course.  And who better than the Queen of succulents, Debra Lee Baldwin and King Robin Stockwell owner of Succulent Gardens.  I love this photo of them kidding around.

Debra Lee Baldwin

Debra got a lot of Oooh and Aaah's when she talked about this Aeonium tabulaforme.

Debra Lee Baldwin

After her presentation Debra got to meet and greet.  She had books on hand to sell and sign right on the spot.  To her left and on the right of the photo was Rebecca Sweet who gave a presentation on how to have a drought tolerant landscape.  There were so many wonderful speakers but we only had one day.  Next year maybe we can stay over and enjoy both days.

Cooking demonstration

On this side of the event there were lots of cooking demonstrations going on.  As you can see they had cameras set up so you could see close up what they were doing on the TV screens.  Very smart!

Pizza ovens

There were samples of goodies everywhere.  Here they were cooking up delightfull pizzas with all fresh ingredients.  So you could just come up and get a slice!  There were free samples of all kind of yummy food all over the event.

Main lawn comfort

If you were tired there were all kind of places like this where you could just sit and take it all in.

Basket booth

Here is one of the vendors I wish I would have taken a look at.  I hear the prices were great!

Weber's Burger's

Now next year we are definitely going to do this!  Weber was here and they had about 20 BBQ grills.  You signed up and paid a fee and got to make the most amazing burgers under guided instruction from a speaker.

Weber burger class

The speaker was in the middle and answered all your questions about grilling.  And look at all the yummy fixings!  So definitely going to do this next year!

Agave parrasana and Agave stricta

They had a cactus garden in this area.  Aren't these Agave stricta and Agave parrasanna lovely in the light!

Hidden beauty

This hidden corridor was nice and shady.  See the totem pole cactus to the left.

Looking down the center

So now we headed to the center of the event.  Here were rows of white covered tents.  Lots of food vendors and tents where you could get many different kind of wine and beer.  You could  buy an etched Sunset glass for $10.00.  It came with two drink tickets.  After that each fill up was $3.00.  Quite a deal.  And every kind of food you could think of.  At the end of the tents were food wagons.

Stan the man at the Sunset Celebration

Here is a pic of my sweetheart holding my new mono pod.  Wow that thing really came in handy.  Keeps my camera a lot steadier and helps with the tremor.

So now we are heading to the right side of the event.  Lots's and lots of vendors and wine demonstration building.  On this side was the beautiful demonstration garden called Small Space Big Dreams Garden.

Wall Pockets by Natural Accents

I really like these hand painted wall pockets by Natural Accents!

Pots Incorporated

I am really getting into Tillandsia and this vendor had so many.  He got this hanging pot from Flora Grubb but it is by Pot Incorporated.  The wall hooks for the Tillandsia are by Flora Grubb!

Big Dreams Gardens

This was in the SSBD garden and I just couldn't take enough photos of it!  So beautiful!  So here are a few!

See the turtle

Big Dreams Gardens

Big Dreams Gardens

Big Dreams Gardens

Wow were the only words coming out of my mouth!  LOL

Big Dreams Gardens

Beauty everywhere!  There was a pretty long line to get into the garden but it was well worth it.

Outdoor comfort

Looked comfortable.

Lovin this scene

Not sure about outside but inside this would be great.  But that is just me.

Patio design


Sunset Building

It seems like a good time was had by one and all!  Next year we are making it a foursome and definitely cooking up some burgers!  Hope to see you there!

It's Another Beautiful Day!